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I shouldn’t be laughing…but I am.

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Title: Magic
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Ghost Stories
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I call it magic when I’m with you…

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Martes 8 de abril 2014 - El portal Daily Star de Reino Unido asegura que, según cercanos a la discográfica de Coldplay, se encuentran trabajando en un segundo disco a lanzar el año próximo.

Una especie de álbum gemelo de Ghost Stories, con un sonido más masivo y una gira promocional detrás:

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I made Tim choose a band to stand next to… [x]

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I had hugely supportive parents. I’m incredibly lucky that they were prepared to tolerate the noise coming from my bedroom for two hours a night. The only stipulation I had was that I had to stop at 8 pm. That is what the neighbors said. They said, it’s cool that you’re playing the drums. It’s cool that you’re into music rather than slacking off and spraying graffiti — whatever a parents’ nightmare would be — but you have to stop by 8 o’clock’ (laughs).
- Richard Hughes [x] (via disconnectedoftheworld)
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